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The practice of law is changing.  In Colorado state courts we have large numbers of people trying to solve their legal issue on their own.  Statistics show that 75% of parties in domestic relations have never had an attorney enter an appearance on their case.  Similarly 98% of respondents in county civil do not have the assistance of a lawyer.  The Colorado Bar Association recognizes the shift in the practice of law and is in the process of creating tools to assist its members in capitalizing on this opportunity to provide legal assistance while developing a successful and financially viable practice.  Please use these tools and provide us feedback as the Colorado Bar Association moves forward with assisting its members in the practice of law.



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Law Practice Management:

Reba Nance,
Sue Bertram,

Local Bar Relations and Access to Justice

Kathleen Schoen,
Robin Van Atta,



Successful Business Planning: Representing the Moderate Income Client  

Practical and Ethical Considerations to Integrating Unbundled Legal Services 

Reinventing the Practice of Law, Luz Herrara, editor,


Unbundling Roadshow

The Practical and Ethical Considerations to Integratin Unbundling Services

Continuing Legal Education program that provides the nuts and bolts as well as the ethical considerations of providing limited scope representation. For more information, or to schedule a presentation in your area, contact


Successful Business Planning  (November 2014 and May 2013), available in CD homestudy, MP 3 homestudy, and video on demand,,VIDEO,WEBCAST/R_PRODUCTTYPE/CD_HSTUDY,M_HSTUDY,EON_PROGRAM,PUB,COURSE/KEYWORDS/Moderate%20income


Unbundled Legal Services: An Avenue for all to Gain Access to Justice (May 2015), available in cd-homestudy, MP3 homestudy,  video on demand, and course material,


Unbundling Representation in Family Law Cases (September 2015), available in cd-homestudy, MP3 homestudy,  video on demand, and course material,


Hanging Your Shingle: Hardware, Software, and Anywhere You Want to Go (August 2015), available in cd-homestudy, MP3 homestudy,  video on demand, and course material,



Colorado Attorney Mentoring Program



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