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Local Bar Relations & Access to Justice

Kathleen M. Schoen Director Local Bar Relations & Access to Justice 303-824-5305

Kathleen Schoen
Kathleen Schoen

Formed in 2004, the Local Bar Relations and Access to Justice Department emerged from the fusion of Legal and Public Services Department and the Family Violence Program.

The department supports the CBA’s Availability of Legal Services Committee, Local Bar Associations, Access to Justice Commission and Committees, and Pro Bono Coordinators. The department also coordinates the Family Violence Program. Major projects of the Family Violence Program include: 

• Domestic Violence: Make it Your Business (DV:MIYB)
• Colorado Alliance for Cruelty Prevention (CACP)
• Kids and Court Committee (Children’s Subcommittee)
• The Colorado Network to End Financial Exploitation of the Elderly
• Restraining Order Conditions Shuttle Conference