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FAQ's for media

I’m a reporter looking for an expert source. How do I know what type of lawyer to contact?

ANSWER: Director of Communications and Marketing Heather Clark can refer you to an expert source for any issue. To contact her, call (303) 824-5350 or email

I want to find out if an attorney has been disciplined — how do I do that?

ANSWER: Attorney discipline is handled through the Office of Attorney Regulation. Visit and click on “Attorney Search” to view an attorney’s public record. The Colorado Bar Association is a voluntary member association and does not license or discipline attorneys.

How can I find information about judges in Colorado?


  • Questions about judicial selection, merit selection, judge profiles and much more can be found at:
  • Learn more about how judges are evaluated and read their evaluations at the Commissions on Judicial Performance website:
  • Judicial discipline is handled by the Commission on Judicial Discipline: (303) 894-2110. (Complaints about a magistrate or municipal court judge are filed with the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel, see

What are the laws on attending hearings, meetings and other events?

ANSWER: The Sunshine Laws are your guide to Colorado Laws on open meetings and open records: For an expert on First Amendment law, contact Heather Clark at (303) 824-5350 or email