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Awards Committee

The Awards Committee selects the recipient of the CBA Award of Merit "in recognition of outstanding and distinctive service to the CBA."

It also selects six deceased lawyers for inclusion in the "Six of the Greatest" feature in the July issue of The Colorado Lawyer.

The Awards Committee is seeking nominations of individuals to be featured in 2016. Nominees should be attorneys who exemplified the high ideals of the legal profession; made significant contributions to the bar association; were of aid and assistance to ­other lawyers, particularly novice lawyers; were active in civic and community affairs; were instrumental in accomplish­ing some significant changes in the law; promoted public confidence in the legal profession; demonstrated confidence in the practice of law; or otherwise were notable in their careers. Candidates must be lawyers who have been deceased seven years or more at the time the profile is published. The nomination need not be formal—a simple letter or even an e-mail that speaks to the candidate’s qualifications  will suffice. Please specify whether you would write the profile.

Send nominations to Melissa Nicoletti,, by September 15, 2015.

If you are interested in joining the committee, contact Melissa Nicoletti at

2015–16 CBA Awards Committee Chair: Mark Fogg

CBA Staff Liaison: Melissa Nicoletti,