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Public Legal Education Committee

The committee strives to facilitate education of the public about the legal system. This is accomplished through ongoing programs such as public speaking on legal topics and publishing legal resource materials for the public. The Public Legal Education Committee promotes several publications. The booklet, “So You’re 18: Your Rights and Responsibilities as an Adult” continues to be distributed to schools across the state, as well as the general public.  The lesson plan is designed for use by volunteer attorneys in the classrooms and will be marketed to both schools and local bar associations for use in their communities. The second publication, Law in Colorado, a supplement to Street Law: A Course in Practical Law, was updated. Street Law and Law in Colorado are law-related education texts that provide practical information and problem-solving opportunities that develop student knowledge and skills of the law and society. Other publications are Teaching a Mock Trial and Becoming a Lawyer in CO.

The 2012/13 CBA Committee Chair: Allison Gerkman

CBA Staff Liaison: Carolyn Gravit