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Waterman Fund

THE WATERMAN FUND is a charitable trust that provides financial assistance to Colorado lawyers. The trust was created by the will of Anna Waterman, surviving spouse of Colorado’s U.S. Senator, Charles Waterman.

Financial awards from the Fund are made "…for the sole and only purpose of relieving the financial necessities, assuaging the hardships and lightening the financial burdens of aged, infirm or otherwise incapacitated members of the Colorado bar, in good repute and standing, and who shall have practiced law in Colorado for a period of at least 10 years…."

Five Fund attorney-administrators meet monthly to consider applications for assistance. Distributions range from one-time benefits to six-month awards which are renewable.

To download an application, please go to the Application Download page. All information about applicants and awards from the Fund are confidential. Please direct your questions or a completed Application to -

Denver Bar Association Waterman Fund
1900 Grant Street, Suite 900 Denver, Colorado 80203
Phone (303) 824-5319 Fax (303) 861-5274